10th May 2016

What is A Mobile App Explainer Video and Why do I care?

If you stumpled upon this article then your probably been hearing a lot about these videos for your apps, products or services. You probably have seen these videos either on a website or a app store page. If you decided you want one of these great new videos then you have came across the words “explain video” so what is it exactly?

These animated cartoonish videos help keep your customers engaged while you explain what your app, service or product is all about. These video are increasing in popularity and have been proven to be wildly success. Just about every major successful corporation, start up, product has used a mobile app explainer video but is it right for you.

To answer this question ask yourself do you have a mobile app, website, product or service? If yes, then yes you need a video and you need one asap. These app explainers can help in so many ways. They help your sales, downloads, boost your seo efforts and lower your bounce rates. Let me explain how this is done.

App promotion videos boost your sales by being able to pitch your potential visitor who is on your app store page or website. If the video is done right they will sit through your pitch. Your video should be presenting the problem they have and how your app or product will fix their problem.

It can boost your seo marketing! Right now google isn’t just focused on your backlinks it’s also looking at how long a visitor stays on your website. If your visitors now arrive to your website without a video they are probably clicking the back button on you. Videos keep your visitors on your page longer lowering your bounce rate. If Google is seeing many people staying on your website while your competitors who rank above you have no video then you will soon move up in rankings. Get your app explainer video now and put one on your website asap.

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Find 3d projectors under 1000 dollars

Looking to upgrade your current projector to a 3d one! Your not alone everyone I know wants to do this but the only problem is how the heck do you find a 3 d projector that is within your budget. You don’t want to go to cheap and you cant afford to go to much. I was browsing forums and websites and came across a great list that pretty much breaks down everything for you.

Right here you can view a list of the best 3d projectors under 1000 I didn’t realize that there were some really decent projects all under $500 bucks. The benq w1070 is a popular one which is why I put video review of it for those that want to check it out. With 4k projectors pricing slowly coming down these will soon go down even further. When it comes to 3d the bigger your screen is the better. Size does matter here so make sure you have big empty wall to get the best size picture.

One of my favorites is the optoma hd141x you can’t beat the pricing and this baby sure does pack a punch. There are however a few other notable mentions that I should say. The epson and view sonic lately have been producing superior 3d projectors for the price point. To view more from the 3d projectors click here.


3d Movies You Need To Watch in 2016

3d movies to watch

Ok get ready for 2016! With so many good 3d movies that have come out this year and so many more 3d movies coming soon on blu ray it is a great time to get into the 3-d movement. When most people think 3d they think maybe those cheap red and blue glasses. Perhaps, they think of the old days when 3d tvs first came out. We all remember the displays at best buy. It was very lack luster but now in 2016 we have UHD and 4k tv’s. Combine that technology with 3 D you get a very immersive and fun experience.

Lets go over a few movies that have already come out to blu ray. The grand daddy of them all is Jurassic World which is already out on blu ray. Then you have zootopia and Batman vs Superman. With so many more great movies coming it’s good to get ready to buy a tv now. That way when these are available to watch at home your good to go. Don’t worry you don’t have to wait until these movies come out. I already found a list of the best 3d movies here. These have all the pop out effects you need to have you jumping out of your pants!

Here is a list of 3d movies to get ready for this year in 2016

  1. Jungle Book
  2. Captain America: Civil War
  3. The Angry Birds Movie
  4. Alice Through the Looking Glass
  5. X-Men: Apocalypse
  6. (my personal fave) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows
  7. Finding Dory
  8. Independence Day: Resurgence
  9. The Legend of Tarzan
  10. Ghostbusters 3
  11. Ice Age: Collision Course
  12. Star Track Beyond
  13. Pete’s Dragon
  14. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  15. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Ever wanted to download 3d movies and stream like netflix? Check this out